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Weather Policy 

                 We at Royal Charters dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible boating experience no matter where the destination. In our quest to make your boating trip fun and safe, we always keep an eye on the weather. Please be advised that we have a no-rain and small craft advisory policy, this does not apply to overnight yacht trips. In line with this, we do not set sail if it is currently raining or if forecast weather conditions indicate imminent rain. Your safety always comes first that’s why we will not set sail during any inclement weather and during any small craft advisory. Generally, we make these decisions two (2) hours before sailing time. If our captain decides that it is not safe to sail that day due to rain or small craft advisory, we will inform you and you can reschedule the trip. You will be given a period of four (4) years credit for a rain date which is equivalent to three (5) summer seasons to reschedule. Discounts or credits will not be given if we set sail on a mediocre weather day and finish a cruise for the agreed allotted time because the captain’s time and allotted time slot have all been fully expensed as a cost to us. If you decide to return to port early even though sea conditions were sail-able the entire time of your trip, you will not be given any discount. Please take note that if you decide to return to port early and we acknowledge that the conditions are undesirable or unsafe, then we can grant you that unused or lost time on a future sailing. To be clear, no cash credits will be given once we deport port, only substituted future time to be applied on another sailing trip.


Cancellation Policy

                 When a client books a boat on a specific date, that boat will be marked on the calendar as unavailable. We do not allow a cancellation or change of date within 14 days before the trip date. For weather-related concerns, please refer to the Weather Policy as stated above.

Covid-19 Precautions

               We make your cruising experience safe with strict COVID-19 precautions. Amidst the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Royal Charters takes the following precautionary measures to help keep you safe and prevent spreading

  • We clean and sanitize our boats with alcohol and bleach-based disinfectants each trip in accordance with health and safety protocols.

  • Our captain & crew provide maximum distance and get tested often.

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